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We sell boat dock plans!

If you are thinking about building a new boat dock, the first step is picking out a boat dock plan.  We have many boat dock plans available.  Our boat dock plans are complete with full boat dock blueprint drawings.  Our dock plans include detail drawings and full blown explanations of how to build your new boat dock.


Detail drawings of LVL and Piling connections


Detail Drawings of the girter connections.





Immediately Download Your Dock Plans

Once purchased, you can download your new dock plans immediately!

We can Ship Your Dock Plans to you!

If needed, we can print your dock plans here and mail them to you.  We can print and mail your dock plans in a 36″X36″ size or you can download them and take them to your nearest copy service.  Most of them can print large plans.

Secure Payment

Buy with confidence.  If you have an issue downloading you your new boat dock plan, just let us know, and we will make sure you get your plans.

Free Support

If you have issues downloading, reading, or printing your new boat dock plans, we are here to help.  Send us an email with any questions you may have about our dock plans.  We can also custom design a set of dock plans for you.